Thursday, March 11, 2010

Urine Test Strips - How to use Multistix Bayer Urine Test Strips

These urine test strips , URS-K (Ketones) URS-three (Glucose, Protein, pH) and URS-10 (Glucose, Protein pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen, and Specific Gravity) are simple, simple to make use of reagent strips for the detection of key diagnostic chemical markers in human urine. They are the same check strips used routinely by doctors, laboratories and healthcare professionals in preliminary analysis of, and preliminary screening for potential health problems. URS-Strips are plastic strips to which chemically particular reagent pads are affixed. The reagent pads react with the pattern urine to provide a standardized seen color response within 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the precise panel screen. The color is then visually compared to the included coloration chart to find out the extent of every chemical factor. Take a look at results may provide helpful data relating to carbohydrate (sugar) metabolism (diabetes), kidney operate, acid-base steadiness, bacteriuria, occult blood , high leukocytes (an infection) and other conditions of total health. The strips are prepared to use upon removal from the vial and your entire reagent strip is disposable. URS-K, three & 10 reagent test strips are packed one hundred checks to a vial with approximately one (1) yr shelf life. Each vial comes with a complete abstract on the chemical and biological properties of the take a look at together with a color chart for rapid visible diagnosis.

Significance of Ketones in weight-reduction plan programs (urs-Okay, Urs-10)

Is your physique burning fats cells? The presence of elevated ranges of ketones in human urine is a primary indicator that the body is in ketosis. Ketosis simply implies that the physique's saved fats cells are being utilized as a main gas supply to produce energy. The by products of fat metabolism are ketones. Ketones are not stored by the body and are eradicated as detectable waste merchandise in urine. Due to this fact, monitoring the level of ketones is presumptive of, and straight correlated to the metabolizing, or burning of stored fats cells to provide energy. Likewise the conclusion could be drawn that the upper the concentration of ketones in urine, the higher is the amount of fats cells metabolized by the body. Ketone take a look at strips are used routinely to help measure the progress of dieters especially these sustaining a low carbohydrate diet. Additionally, ketones are monitored in individuals with Sort 1 diabetes. In diabetics, high ketone levels point out ketoacidosis, a complication of inadequate insulin ranges that can result in diabetic coma. In total well being considerations, high ketone levels are generally a sign of irregular nutritional situations, together with starvation, fasting, anorexia, high protein or low carbohydrate diets.


Depending on the check and particular reagent panel, abnormal levels of specific chemical compounds contained in urine might be simply and readily recognized as potential risks elements to overall health and/or indicators of underlying well being problems. The significance of every reagent panel is discussed intimately within the Urinalysis Technical Document.

Procedure and Use:

Gather a recent urine sample in a clear, dry container preferably glass. First morning samples include the highest focus of goal markers.

Take away one reagent strip from the bottle and instantly change the container cap, minimizing the publicity of the remaining take a look at strips to light and air.

Fully immerse the reagent pads of the strip in the urine sample and then take away instantly to avoid dissolving out the reagent pads.

While eradicating the reagent strip, run the sting of the strip in opposition to the rim of the specimen container to remove extra urine. Maintain the urine test strips in a horizontal place to stop possible cross contamination of chemicals positioned in adjacent reagent pads.

Evaluate the colour change of reagent pads to the corresponding shade chart on the bottle label. Read outcomes in response to the chart's time frame for every panel tested.

Record the results of your readings for discussion and/or evaluation together with your doctor or healthcare supplier after which discard the used reagent strip.

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